The Easy Way to Be Active at Home

Amethyst Foldable Reformer brings healthy life to the comfort of your home.
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Elegant Design with a Small Space

Slim, elegant, suitable for your home decor. Moreover, with one arm movement, your reformer pilates device is ready to use.

Foldable Home Pilates Reformer

  • Patented Preload and Suspension Joint Mechanism

    Thanks to the Preload, the chassis of the machine adapts to the height differences that may occur on the ground and prevents flexing. In addition, a comfortable and reliable institution is realized with the support of the suspension.

  • AB Crunch Bar

    AB Crunch bar is designed to diversify the abdominal exercises that can be done on the pilates machine and to perform difficult abdominal movements with less force by using the recoil force formed in the springs.

  • Movable Shoulder Brace Mechanism

    Thanks to the system in question, the shoulder pads can be positioned during working and assembly without being disassembled from the machine, and occupies very little space.

  • Light and Elegant Frame

    Thanks to its light and thin structure compared to its counterparts, it can be used without getting tired and stored without taking up space.


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35.000 TL


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have peace of mind

We care about your purchase satisfaction as much as your product satisfaction.

  • Cargo Opportunity to Every Country

    350 TL in Turkey. Contact for other countries.

  • Secure Payment

    Your payments are secured with the Iyzico infrastructure.

  • 1 Year Warranty

    Amethyst Foldable Reformer is under warranty for 1 year.

Hear Us From Our Customers

It's really no different from those used in the halls, balancing and moving smoothly. It is also very easy to open and close.

Yeşim Ergin

The product was delivered on the date promised for the delivery process after the date I bought it. Comfortable and convenient foldable pilates reformer.

Önder Dere

I bought it, I like it very much. It's really light for pilates at home, I'm comfortable when lifting.

Tuğba Noyan

I am very happy to have a reformer tool, every detail of which has been carefully considered, the material is of very high quality and the colors are magnificent. I would like to thank the whole team who brought me together with Amethystpilates in all the Stages from the moment of research to the end of the order. I am lucky to have met these innovative people who are followers, answer my questions instantly and have this very enjoyable pilates tool. ☺️✌🏽

Melike Öziş

It is both more affordable in price and much better quality in appearance. After writing to the page, I received a response in a short time and I was offered the opportunity to communicate quickly. I can do every move I do in the gym.

Ebru Kalkan
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